Lakeview Music Rules:

1) "M" 

Make GOOD choices and do the right thing.

2) "U"

Use good manners and be NICE.

3) "S"

Speak when the teacher allows it.

4) "i"

involve yourself in ALL activities.

5) "C"

Care for the music room equipment, including any and ALL instruments.

Each semester, classes may EARN a Dice Day if they have completed earning up to 12 Avenger stickers on their chart.  Anyone that has to visit the rest desk (see below) during class will cancel their classes' sticker for the day.

Lakeview Music Consequences:

1) 1-3 Verbal warnings given by teacher.

2) Time in "REST desk" to complete music theory questions  on concept(s) covered in class.  In addition, student will need to give their homeroom teacher $1-$5 of Miller Money, depending on the amount of verbal warnings given during the 50 minute class period.

3) After all of the warnings and time at the rest desk, student will need to call home to explain what occured in music that day.  Also, a $5 fine of Miller Money will be given to their homeroom teacher for the choices made during music that day.

4) Office referral, plus NO Dice Day time with class for the 9 weeks.

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